Revisiting Strike Noir

Wow it’s been a long time since I last updated! Been pretty busy with studies and other stuff. Finally back home for summer which gives me time to work on gunpla again.

Many new kits have been released since. It’s always a constant battle for me to resist the temptation to get an MG Red Frame or the new MG Buster. Have to keep reminding myself I have a few unbuilt kits at home >.> Currently intend to focus on improving my skills before I get any new kits… aside from the White Dingo GM Sniper II which ‘should’ be arriving sometime next week, heh. Decided to redo one of my earlier kits while waiting for it to arrive.


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Kinder Surprise – It’s Yesterday Once More

Ever heard of Kinder Surprise? Chances are you have, but if you’re in Malaysia you’ve probably heard of Kinder Joy instead, which is a newer version of Kinder Surprise. I was surprised to see this in New Zealand because I thought Kinder Joy had replaced it a couple years back. Needless to say, I bought a couple of them ^^ When I was a kid, I used to love them a lot and if i’m not mistaken I have a box full of Kinder-toys lying around back home :P Continue reading


Whoa! Has it been five weeks already since I last posted? Time sure does fly when you’re busy =/

You may (or may not) have heard about the earthquake that hit Christchurch two weeks ago. The good news is… I’m okay. The bad news? well, let’s just say there was a lot of casualties and the CBD was (and still is) cordoned off to the public. Been helping out with the UCSA Student Volunteer Army so I didn’t have much time to work on my kits or following blogs even though Uni is closed for three weeks… and besides, the local hobby shops is in the CBD which is closed off so I can’t get my supplies =/

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been working on during my spare time…

Yes, it is what you think it is ;)

Sinanju WIP 3

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Simultaneous Build-Off – Agguguy and Sinanju! Ready, Go!

Since I’ve got like, only a week left in PJ, I’ll be trying to finish my Sinanju ASAP and hopefully sand and prime my 1/288 Agguguy before I leave.

As you probably noticed in my previous post, there are a few small boxes. These kits are 1/288 scale ^^ managed to get them on the last day when I was looking around for milk tea lol. For HKD15 ea, I think it’s quite a good price ^^

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This doesn’t look good – Gunpla Backlog

Just got back from HK and I put together what I’ve got from this trip itself (plus my unbuilt Unicorn). TBH this is the first time I’ve bought more than one kit and have not touched any of them for so long! Well, mainly because I didn’t have the proper tools in HK =/ It’s the first time I’m actually having a backlog, too… since I’m currently working on my Sinanju.

SD Verde Buster
HGUC Unicorn + Display Base
HG OO Qan[T]
Dengeki February 2011 Issue + GN Sword IV Full Saber (Japan Ver.)
Dengeki February 2011 Issue + GN Sword IV Full Saber (HK Ver.)
HGUC Hard Graph. Zaku Ground War Set
HGUC Hard Graph Gundam Ground War Set
Gundam Senshi NEXT Kyshatria (Gashapon)
2x Gundam Basic Line Up 10 (1/288 Gunpla)
2x Gundam Converge 2 – ReZEL
2x Mr White Surfacer 1000
Sand Paper
Pla Plate

I’m thinking this is going to last me for quite awhile ^^

Gundam Mosaic

I only found out about this today so I’m not sure if any of you have seen it yet

These mosaics have been created using hundreds of pictures taken from all of the different Gundam anime series, the manga series, original mobile suit design sketches, and even a few real life Gundam models. Included here is every Gundam ever seen in the anime series as well as a few that only exist on paper.

Source: Here

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